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Tiderunner/Defiance by Palmer
Tiderunner Boats by Palmer
In 1971 the first Tiderunner was launched from a small plant on the Gig Harbor waterfront in Washington.  Now over 30 years later, you can still find Tiderunners throughout the entire United States. From the frigid   waters of Alaska and the kelp beds of Southern California to the rugged coast of Maine and the shallows   of the Florida Keys---the Palmer Tiderunner is known and respected for its incredible rough water ride and quality construction.
Today, still a family owned business, all of the Palmer lines are built just miles from the original Gig Harbor plant, close to the roots of the Tiderunner tradition. With that tradition in mind, all Palmer boats are manufactured with superior composite materials (no structural woods) and we are constantly innovating and pushing the limits.
Palmer Marine of Washington has produced the finest fishing and pleasure craft for over 30 years. Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, with all composite construction, Palmer boats are known for their unmatched storage and an exceptionally smooth "rough water ride". The oldest model in the line, the Palmer Tiderunner, has been a favorite of family boaters and serious fishermen alike. In 2003, in response to customer feedback and changes in design philosophy Palmer Marine re-engineered the well-known Tiderunner model to feature a new "walk-around" bow design. This design change was implemented across all 3 of the Tiderunner regular production models: the 170, 190 and the 195. The model names were changed to include a "W/A" designation to reflect the new walk-around design.
In 2004 Palmer followed this change with the launch a newly designed line of boats called the Defiance. The Defiance models are larger than the Tiderunner line with an enclosed cabin and are designed to accommodate twin outboards as a standard option. Reviews for the Defiance will be posted here soon.
Suzuki Marine Logo All Tiderunner series boats are powered by Suzuki outboards.

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