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AB Inflatable:

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Products Overview:


Boat Line:


(Aluminum Tenders)
   2.90 AL
   3.20 AL
   3.50 AL

(Luxury Tenders)
11 - 11' 0"
12 - 12' 3"
13 - 13' 2"
15 - 15' 0"
17 - 17' 4"

(Lightweight Tenders)
   2.60 VL
   2.90 VL
   3.20 VL

(Open Tenders)
   2.90 VS
   3.20 VS
   3.60 VS
   3.90 VS
   4.30 VS

(Console Tenders)
   3.20 VC
   3.20 VSC
   3.60 VSC
   3.90 VSC
   4.30 VSC
   4.30 VST
   4.50 VST
   5.70 VST
   7.40 VST
   7.40 VSTL

AB Artigiana Battelli
AB Inflatables

Celebrating 34 years of innovation and craftsmanship -
   Over the past three decades, Artigiana Battelli has established a worldwide reputation for
design innovation, superior construction techniques and top-notch customer service.  Our boats,
which some say are the world's finest  Inflatables, have achieved this status because of our
unwavering dedication to handcraftsmanship.   We believe in finding the best materials and
crafting each of our boats by hand, because the resulting quality  is far superior to that achieved
by using average materials  and automated techniques, like machine welding.  Gianni Perego
began this tradition of taking exceptional pride in workmanship when he founded our company
34 years ago.  This pride is still in evidence today in ever AB Inflatable that we build. 

   We continuously refine existing models and introduce new ones to meet new customer needs. 
Our recent innovations include a new line of lightweight Inflatables and the remarkable elegant
Nautilus 17.  And we will continue to upgrade designs and features to meet expectations of our
customers, who are discriminating boaters and professional that demand quality, performance
and reasonable pricing.

   We are one of the few inflatable manufactures to attain CE certification, so you can rest assured
that our material and workmanship surpasses the highest manufacturing standards.

Thanks to our quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, innovation to meet changing consumer
needs and commitment to customer service, Artigiana Battelli has become the premier choice
of discriminating boaters  and professionals worldwide.


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